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2015 boys basketball camp

Emphasis placed on fundamental development and team play. There are many fun contests and competitions. Our high school players work as camp counselors.

2015 girls basketball camp

Come and learn the fundamentals of basketball with the tree of Life head coach Steve Cawley and varsity players. There will be competitions, games and prizes as campers learn how to improve their shooting, ball handling, defense, and the game of basketball.

2015 golf camp

the Tree of Life Christian School Golf Camp will be held at Champions Golf Course off Westerville Rd., just south of Morse Rd. The 3-day camp will provide personal and practice instruction on all parts of the game: putting, chippiing/pitching, tee/approach shots. We plan to put the things we've learned into action and play at least 6 holes on the last day of Camp.

2015 Jump Start Basketball Camp

Jump Start Basketball Camp is for grades 1st-3rd, and will teach basic basketball skills and begin players working together as a team. Those who haven't played basketball before will learn fundamental skills. Players who were part of the Jump Start winter basketball program will be able to advance in their skills and team tactics.

2015 cheer camp

The elementary Cheer Camp is packed with energy, laughter, skill work and good times! Junior cheerleaders will learn techniques for sidelines, crowd cheers, floor cheers, and a dance routine. We will end our four day camp with a "Show and Tell" performance that is performed for our families and friends! Come join us and learn how to cheer on our Trojan athletes!

2015 Kick Start Soccer Camp

Kick Start Soccer Camp is for grades 1st-3rd, and provides instruction in the fundamentals of soccer and an introduction to playing on a team. Players who haven't played before will find this camp helps them learn the basic skills, or enhance those skills the already have learned in the spring Kick Start program. This camp will prepare players to be part of a soccer team in the fall or spring.

2015 soccer camp

Tree of Life Soccer Camp will provide small group instruction from Varsity Coaches and athletes to improve soccer skills. Campers will not only improve their passing, dribbling, shooting, and defending skills but also gain a better understanding of the tactics and strategies of the game. Campers will leave as more knowledgeable and skilled soccer players.

2015 Tree of Life Baseball Camp

The baseball camp is help at Ridgeview MS where we have access to multiple fields and a batting cage. Instruction is given in all fundamentals followed by drill, practice and game application. We will work on throwing and catching, fielding, base running, sliding, hitting and bunting. there will be specific instruction for pitchers and catchers.

2015 volleyball camp

The volleyball camp is structured to help draw the girls to Jesus Christ. We create a learning environment focused on developing age-appropriate volleyball skills. Additionally, our high school volleyball players mentor the participants adding excitement and fun to the camp.

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Welcome to the Sports Registration Site for Tree of Life Future Stars Athletics. 


We offer a variety of instructional programs for younger players (K-3rd grade), with competitive teams in certain sports for 3rd-6th grade. 

Our goal is to teach and enhance basic skills, team strategies and tactics in the various sports, while also helping players develop a Christian approach to athletics.

If you have questions beyond the information contained here, please contact Tim Pressler, Athletic Outreach Coordinator and either or 614-332-2171.